Sandtec – Full company name, affiliates, business number and other details
Client: The individual, group of individuals or company who engages Sandtec to provide an agreed service request.
Agreement: The terms of engagement between Sandtec and client (or clients)


GST Law: (Technical)

Personnel: The employees, owners, contractors or legal representatives of the business (Sandtec) or the client
For the purpose of this agreement, unless stated otherwise the Headings for the topics are only for clarity They do not impact the interpretation of the content. A ‘person’ is defined as a natural person, individual, group of individuals, corporation, partnership or any other legal entity.

Any reference to currency is only in Australian dollars


This agreement is binding for any transactions between Sandtec and the client or clients. Any variation to this agreement can only be made through a written document. All requests made by clients are governed by this agreement.


  • This agreement is binding as soon as the client ( or clients ) raises a service request with Sandtec
  • The agreement is valid if the client (or clients) or potential clients only raise a query with Sandtec about the services offered
  • The agreement comes into force once the client (or clients) sign the acceptance and this is received by the company (Sandtec)
  • This agreement is binding if Sandtec and the client have a verbal agreement on delivering a service


Sandtec has the right over all intellectual property arising out of meeting the service deliverables. This includes all reports, analytics, advice and forecasts. The sale, copy, promotion, sharing and any other than originally intended use of this data must not be done without the notice and permission.


Sandtec can at any point terminate their agreement with the client with immediate effect by providing a written notice.
Sandtec can terminate the agreement if

  • If Sandtec becomes aware of the client being involved in any illegal or unlawful activity
  • Insolvency (client): If the client is deemed insolvent, all service agreement with the client will be void.
  • Insolvency (Sandtec) in such event that Sandtec is declared insolvent, the agreement will be void.


Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, all terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings, inducements or representations whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise relating in any way to the provision of the Services or to this Agreement are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Unless otherwise specified all information arising out of the service agreement is confidential and no party should share this data without the consent of the other parties.



Any Notices to be served to any party involved in the agreement will be as per the last known address recorded at the time of the agreement or the registered address of the concerned party.