Learning Application and Models

Organisations today recognises the exponential value of Machine Learning Application and models, but often struggles to kick start something that proves that value. It’s a complex yet highly valued technology that help companies excel with true data science approach.

Our advisory team has been working closely with many organisations globally to implement Machine Learning technologies, specialising in following sectors;

Machine learning in transport and infrastructure

We have focused on solving traffic forecasting models, congestion and breakdown predictions. Dynamic pricing algorithms to understand the speed, density elasticity and pricing models. Land demand and utilisation predictions to ensure the optimum throughput velocity and value for commuters.

Machine Learning in Legal

We have helped organisation to implement AI based solution to take away boring mandated legal contracts formation and negotiation tasks and allowed legal practitioners to focused much smarter and strategic functions to work on.

Machine learning in Operations

We have successfully implement smarter ML/AI based solution that can be taught to machine by implementing supervised ML models. Resulting operational cost to be cut down by 70%.

Machine Learning in Banking

Machine Learning technology is commonly used in fraud detection, but our Advisory team have been able to combine commonly used solution along with implementing solutions that allows banks to automate their credit decisioning policies with third party data injections. Allowing banks to have higher accurate risks ratio to manage lending functions with the speed that customer demands.

Machine Learning in Autonomous vehicles:

We have been able to understand and consult heavily on technology imbedded in vehicles and allowed network operators to leverage form our advisory service, ensuring that technology and infrastructure interdependencies are mapped and solution are planned for future