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She begins to use the cup from my hand, but we pull right right back and draw it straight straight down. She then gently guides me personally to lay down to my straight back. 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15.464-9.536-4.75v-10.714zM32 9.643v18.821q0 0.446-0.25 0.723t-0.679 0.277-0.839-0.232l-7.875-3.929zM31.946 7.5q0 0.054-4.58 7.491t-5.366 8.705l-6.964-11.321 5.786-9.411q0.304-0.5 0.929-0.5 0.25 0 0.464 0.107l9.661 4.821q0.071 0.036 0.071 0.107z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-slideshare" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M15.589 13.214q0 1.482-1.134 2.545t-2.723 1.063-2.723-1.063-1.134-2.545q0-1.5 1.134-2.554t2.723-1.054 2.723 1.054 1.134 2.554zM24.554 13.214q0 1.482-1.125 2.545t-2.732 1.063q-1.589 0-2.723-1.063t-1.134-2.545q0-1.5 1.134-2.554t2.723-1.054q1.607 0 2.732 1.054t1.125 2.554zM28.571 16.429v-11.911q0-1.554-0.571-2.205t-1.982-0.652h-19.857q-1.482 0-2.009 0.607t-0.527 2.25v12.018q0.768 0.411 1.58 0.714t1.446 0.5 1.446 0.33 1.268 0.196 1.25 0.071 1.045 0.009 1.009-0.036 0.795-0.036q1.214-0.018 1.696 0.482 0.107 0.107 0.179 0.161 0.464 0.446 1.089 0.911 0.125-1.625 2.107-1.554 0.089 0 0.652 0.027t0.768 0.036 0.813 0.018 0.946-0.018 0.973-0.080 1.089-0.152 1.107-0.241 1.196-0.348 1.205-0.482 1.286-0.616zM31.482 16.339q-2.161 2.661-6.643 4.5 1.5 5.089-0.411 8.304-1.179 2.018-3.268 2.643-1.857 0.571-3.25-0.268-1.536-0.911-1.464-2.929l-0.018-5.821v-0.018q-0.143-0.036-0.438-0.107t-0.42-0.089l-0.018 6.036q0.071 2.036-1.482 2.929-1.411 0.839-3.268 0.268-2.089-0.643-3.25-2.679-1.875-3.214-0.393-8.268-4.482-1.839-6.643-4.5-0.446-0.661-0.071-1.125t1.071 0.018q0.054 0.036 0.196 0.125t0.196 0.143v-12.393q0-1.286 0.839-2.196t2.036-0.911h22.446q1.196 0 2.036 0.911t0.839 2.196v12.393l0.375-0.268q0.696-0.482 1.071-0.018t-0.071 1.125z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-snapchat-ghost" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M15.143 2.286q2.393-0.018 4.295 1.223t2.92 3.438q0.482 1.036 0.482 3.196 0 0.839-0.161 3.411 0.25 0.125 0.5 0.125 0.321 0 0.911-0.241t0.911-0.241q0.518 0 1 0.321t0.482 0.821q0 0.571-0.563 0.964t-1.232 0.563-1.232 0.518-0.563 0.848q0 0.268 0.214 0.768 0.661 1.464 1.83 2.679t2.58 1.804q0.5 0.214 1.429 0.411 0.5 0.107 0.5 0.625 0 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0.268-0.339 0.705-0.438t0.884 0.063q0.429 0.179 0.67 0.518t0.223 0.75zM11.143 19.071q-0.054 0.982-0.929 1.25l-2.143 0.696q-4.911 1.571-5.214 1.571-0.625-0.036-0.964-0.643-0.214-0.446-0.304-1.339-0.143-1.357 0.018-2.973t0.536-2.223 1-0.571q0.232 0 3.607 1.375 1.25 0.518 2.054 0.839l1.5 0.607q0.411 0.161 0.634 0.545t0.205 0.866zM25.893 24.375q-0.125 0.964-1.634 2.875t-2.42 2.268q-0.661 0.25-1.125-0.125-0.25-0.179-3.286-5.125l-0.839-1.375q-0.25-0.375-0.205-0.821t0.348-0.821q0.625-0.768 1.482-0.464 0.018 0.018 2.125 0.714 3.625 1.179 4.321 1.42t0.839 0.366q0.5 0.393 0.393 1.089zM13.893 13.089q0.089 1.821-0.964 2.179-1.036 0.304-2.036-1.268l-6.75-10.679q-0.143-0.625 0.339-1.107 0.732-0.768 3.705-1.598t4.009-0.563q0.714 0.179 0.875 0.804 0.054 0.321 0.393 5.455t0.429 6.777zM25.714 15.018q0.054 0.696-0.464 1.054-0.268 0.179-5.875 1.536-1.196 0.268-1.625 0.411l0.018-0.036q-0.411 0.107-0.821-0.071t-0.661-0.571q-0.536-0.839 0-1.554 0.018-0.018 1.339-1.821 2.232-3.054 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0.304-0.339 0.679-0.536 0.946-0.464 4.268-0.429 1.464 0.018 2.411 0.232 0.357 0.089 0.598 0.241t0.366 0.429 0.188 0.571 0.063 0.813-0.018 0.982-0.045 1.259-0.027 1.473q0 0.196-0.018 0.75t-0.009 0.857 0.063 0.723 0.205 0.696 0.402 0.438q0.143 0.036 0.304 0.071t0.464-0.196 0.679-0.616 0.929-1.196 1.214-1.92q1.071-1.857 1.911-4.018 0.071-0.179 0.179-0.313t0.196-0.188l0.071-0.054 0.089-0.045t0.232-0.054 0.357-0.009l5.143-0.036q0.696-0.089 1.143 0.045t0.554 0.295z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-search" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.571 14.857q0-3.304-2.348-5.652t-5.652-2.348-5.652 2.348-2.348 5.652 2.348 5.652 5.652 2.348 5.652-2.348 2.348-5.652zM29.714 29.714q0 0.929-0.679 1.607t-1.607 0.679q-0.964 0-1.607-0.679l-6.125-6.107q-3.196 2.214-7.125 2.214-2.554 0-4.884-0.991t-4.018-2.679-2.679-4.018-0.991-4.884 0.991-4.884 2.679-4.018 4.018-2.679 4.884-0.991 4.884 0.991 4.018 2.679 2.679 4.018 0.991 4.884q0 3.929-2.214 7.125l6.125 6.125q0.661 0.661 0.661 1.607z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-envelope-o" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M29.714 26.857v-13.714q-0.571 0.643-1.232 1.179-4.786 3.679-7.607 6.036-0.911 0.768-1.482 1.196t-1.545 0.866-1.83 0.438h-0.036q-0.857 0-1.83-0.438t-1.545-0.866-1.482-1.196q-2.821-2.357-7.607-6.036-0.661-0.536-1.232-1.179v13.714q0 0.232 0.17 0.402t0.402 0.17h26.286q0.232 0 0.402-0.17t0.17-0.402zM29.714 8.089v-0.438t-0.009-0.232-0.054-0.223-0.098-0.161-0.161-0.134-0.25-0.045h-26.286q-0.232 0-0.402 0.17t-0.17 0.402q0 3 2.625 5.071 3.446 2.714 7.161 5.661 0.107 0.089 0.625 0.527t0.821 0.67 0.795 0.563 0.902 0.491 0.768 0.161h0.036q0.357 0 0.768-0.161t0.902-0.491 0.795-0.563 0.821-0.67 0.625-0.527q3.714-2.946 7.161-5.661 0.964-0.768 1.795-2.063t0.83-2.348zM32 7.429v19.429q0 1.179-0.839 2.018t-2.018 0.839h-26.286q-1.179 0-2.018-0.839t-0.839-2.018v-19.429q0-1.179 0.839-2.018t2.018-0.839h26.286q1.179 0 2.018 0.839t0.839 2.018z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-close" viewBox="0 0 25 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.179 23.607q0 0.714-0.5 1.214l-2.429 2.429q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-5.25-5.25-5.25 5.25q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-2.429-2.429q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l5.25-5.25-5.25-5.25q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l2.429-2.429q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l5.25 5.25 5.25-5.25q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l2.429 2.429q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214t-0.5 1.214l-5.25 5.25 5.25 5.25q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-angle-down" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M19.196 13.143q0 0.232-0.179 0.411l-8.321 8.321q-0.179 0.179-0.411 0.179t-0.411-0.179l-8.321-8.321q-0.179-0.179-0.179-0.411t0.179-0.411l0.893-0.893q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l7.018 7.018 7.018-7.018q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l0.893 0.893q0.179 0.179 0.179 0.411z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-folder-open" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M33.554 17q0 0.554-0.554 1.179l-6 7.071q-0.768 0.911-2.152 1.545t-2.563 0.634h-19.429q-0.607 0-1.080-0.232t-0.473-0.768q0-0.554 0.554-1.179l6-7.071q0.768-0.911 2.152-1.545t2.563-0.634h19.429q0.607 0 1.080 0.232t0.473 0.768zM27.429 10.857v2.857h-14.857q-1.679 0-3.518 0.848t-2.929 2.134l-6.107 7.179q0-0.071-0.009-0.223t-0.009-0.223v-17.143q0-1.643 1.179-2.821t2.821-1.179h5.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821v0.571h9.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitter" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M28.929 7.286q-1.196 1.75-2.893 2.982 0.018 0.25 0.018 0.75 0 2.321-0.679 4.634t-2.063 4.437-3.295 3.759-4.607 2.607-5.768 0.973q-4.839 0-8.857-2.589 0.625 0.071 1.393 0.071 4.018 0 7.161-2.464-1.875-0.036-3.357-1.152t-2.036-2.848q0.589 0.089 1.089 0.089 0.768 0 1.518-0.196-2-0.411-3.313-1.991t-1.313-3.67v-0.071q1.214 0.679 2.607 0.732-1.179-0.786-1.875-2.054t-0.696-2.75q0-1.571 0.786-2.911 2.161 2.661 5.259 4.259t6.634 1.777q-0.143-0.679-0.143-1.321 0-2.393 1.688-4.080t4.080-1.688q2.5 0 4.214 1.821 1.946-0.375 3.661-1.393-0.661 2.054-2.536 3.179 1.661-0.179 3.321-0.893z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-facebook" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.125 0.214v4.714h-2.804q-1.536 0-2.071 0.643t-0.536 1.929v3.375h5.232l-0.696 5.286h-4.536v13.554h-5.464v-13.554h-4.554v-5.286h4.554v-3.893q0-3.321 1.857-5.152t4.946-1.83q2.625 0 4.071 0.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-github" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 2.286q3.732 0 6.884 1.839t4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884q0 4.482-2.616 8.063t-6.759 4.955q-0.482 0.089-0.714-0.125t-0.232-0.536q0-0.054 0.009-1.366t0.009-2.402q0-1.732-0.929-2.536 1.018-0.107 1.83-0.321t1.679-0.696 1.446-1.188 0.946-1.875 0.366-2.688q0-2.125-1.411-3.679 0.661-1.625-0.143-3.643-0.5-0.161-1.446 0.196t-1.643 0.786l-0.679 0.429q-1.661-0.464-3.429-0.464t-3.429 0.464q-0.286-0.196-0.759-0.482t-1.491-0.688-1.518-0.241q-0.804 2.018-0.143 3.643-1.411 1.554-1.411 3.679 0 1.518 0.366 2.679t0.938 1.875 1.438 1.196 1.679 0.696 1.83 0.321q-0.696 0.643-0.875 1.839-0.375 0.179-0.804 0.268t-1.018 0.089-1.17-0.384-0.991-1.116q-0.339-0.571-0.866-0.929t-0.884-0.429l-0.357-0.054q-0.375 0-0.518 0.080t-0.089 0.205 0.161 0.25 0.232 0.214l0.125 0.089q0.393 0.179 0.777 0.679t0.563 0.911l0.179 0.411q0.232 0.679 0.786 1.098t1.196 0.536 1.241 0.125 0.991-0.063l0.411-0.071q0 0.679 0.009 1.58t0.009 0.973q0 0.321-0.232 0.536t-0.714 0.125q-4.143-1.375-6.759-4.955t-2.616-8.063q0-3.732 1.839-6.884t4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839zM5.196 21.982q0.054-0.125-0.125-0.214-0.179-0.054-0.232 0.036-0.054 0.125 0.125 0.214 0.161 0.107 0.232-0.036zM5.75 22.589q0.125-0.089-0.036-0.286-0.179-0.161-0.286-0.054-0.125 0.089 0.036 0.286 0.179 0.179 0.286 0.054zM6.286 23.393q0.161-0.125 0-0.339-0.143-0.232-0.304-0.107-0.161 0.089 0 0.321t0.304 0.125zM7.036 24.143q0.143-0.143-0.071-0.339-0.214-0.214-0.357-0.054-0.161 0.143 0.071 0.339 0.214 0.214 0.357 0.054zM8.054 24.589q0.054-0.196-0.232-0.286-0.268-0.071-0.339 0.125t0.232 0.268q0.268 0.107 0.339-0.107zM9.179 24.679q0-0.232-0.304-0.196-0.286 0-0.286 0.196 0 0.232 0.304 0.196 0.286 0 0.286-0.196zM10.214 24.5q-0.036-0.196-0.321-0.161-0.286 0.054-0.25 0.268t0.321 0.143 0.25-0.25z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-bars" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.429 24v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 14.857v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 5.714v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-google-plus" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M25.661 16.304q0 3.714-1.554 6.616t-4.429 4.536-6.589 1.634q-2.661 0-5.089-1.036t-4.179-2.786-2.786-4.179-1.036-5.089 1.036-5.089 2.786-4.179 4.179-2.786 5.089-1.036q5.107 0 8.768 3.429l-3.554 3.411q-2.089-2.018-5.214-2.018-2.196 0-4.063 1.107t-2.955 3.009-1.089 4.152 1.089 4.152 2.955 3.009 4.063 1.107q1.482 0 2.723-0.411t2.045-1.027 1.402-1.402 0.875-1.482 0.384-1.321h-7.429v-4.5h12.357q0.214 1.125 0.214 2.179zM41.143 14.125v3.75h-3.732v3.732h-3.75v-3.732h-3.732v-3.75h3.732v-3.732h3.75v3.732h3.732z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-linkedin" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M6.232 11.161v17.696h-5.893v-17.696h5.893zM6.607 5.696q0.018 1.304-0.902 2.179t-2.42 0.875h-0.036q-1.464 0-2.357-0.875t-0.893-2.179q0-1.321 0.92-2.188t2.402-0.866 2.375 0.866 0.911 2.188zM27.429 18.714v10.143h-5.875v-9.464q0-1.875-0.723-2.938t-2.259-1.063q-1.125 0-1.884 0.616t-1.134 1.527q-0.196 0.536-0.196 1.446v9.875h-5.875q0.036-7.125 0.036-11.554t-0.018-5.286l-0.018-0.857h5.875v2.571h-0.036q0.357-0.571 0.732-1t1.009-0.929 1.554-0.777 2.045-0.277q3.054 0 4.911 2.027t1.857 5.938z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-quote-right" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429zM29.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-mail-reply" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 20q0 2.964-2.268 8.054-0.054 0.125-0.188 0.429t-0.241 0.536-0.232 0.393q-0.214 0.304-0.5 0.304-0.268 0-0.42-0.179t-0.152-0.446q0-0.161 0.045-0.473t0.045-0.42q0.089-1.214 0.089-2.196 0-1.804-0.313-3.232t-0.866-2.473-1.429-1.804-1.884-1.241-2.375-0.759-2.75-0.384-3.134-0.107h-4v4.571q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339-0.804-0.339l-9.143-9.143q-0.339-0.339-0.339-0.804t0.339-0.804l9.143-9.143q0.339-0.339 0.804-0.339t0.804 0.339 0.339 0.804v4.571h4q12.732 0 15.625 7.196 0.946 2.393 0.946 5.946z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-youtube" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.339 22.214v3.768q0 1.196-0.696 1.196-0.411 0-0.804-0.393v-5.375q0.393-0.393 0.804-0.393 0.696 0 0.696 1.196zM23.375 22.232v0.821h-1.607v-0.821q0-1.214 0.804-1.214t0.804 1.214zM6.125 18.339h1.911v-1.679h-5.571v1.679h1.875v10.161h1.786v-10.161zM11.268 28.5h1.589v-8.821h-1.589v6.75q-0.536 0.75-1.018 0.75-0.321 0-0.375-0.375-0.018-0.054-0.018-0.625v-6.5h-1.589v6.982q0 0.875 0.143 1.304 0.214 0.661 1.036 0.661 0.857 0 1.821-1.089v0.964zM18.929 25.857v-3.518q0-1.304-0.161-1.768-0.304-1-1.268-1-0.893 0-1.661 0.964v-3.875h-1.589v11.839h1.589v-0.857q0.804 0.982 1.661 0.982 0.964 0 1.268-0.982 0.161-0.482 0.161-1.786zM24.964 25.679v-0.232h-1.625q0 0.911-0.036 1.089-0.125 0.643-0.714 0.643-0.821 0-0.821-1.232v-1.554h3.196v-1.839q0-1.411-0.482-2.071-0.696-0.911-1.893-0.911-1.214 0-1.911 0.911-0.5 0.661-0.5 2.071v3.089q0 1.411 0.518 2.071 0.696 0.911 1.929 0.911 1.286 0 1.929-0.946 0.321-0.482 0.375-0.964 0.036-0.161 0.036-1.036zM14.107 9.375v-3.75q0-1.232-0.768-1.232t-0.768 1.232v3.75q0 1.25 0.768 1.25t0.768-1.25zM26.946 22.786q0 4.179-0.464 6.25-0.25 1.054-1.036 1.768t-1.821 0.821q-3.286 0.375-9.911 0.375t-9.911-0.375q-1.036-0.107-1.83-0.821t-1.027-1.768q-0.464-2-0.464-6.25 0-4.179 0.464-6.25 0.25-1.054 1.036-1.768t1.839-0.839q3.268-0.357 9.893-0.357t9.911 0.357q1.036 0.125 1.83 0.839t1.027 1.768q0.464 2 0.464 6.25zM9.125 0h1.821l-2.161 7.125v4.839h-1.786v-4.839q-0.25-1.321-1.089-3.786-0.661-1.839-1.161-3.339h1.893l1.268 4.696zM15.732 5.946v3.125q0 1.446-0.5 2.107-0.661 0.911-1.893 0.911-1.196 0-1.875-0.911-0.5-0.679-0.5-2.107v-3.125q0-1.429 0.5-2.089 0.679-0.911 1.875-0.911 1.232 0 1.893 0.911 0.5 0.661 0.5 2.089zM21.714 3.054v8.911h-1.625v-0.982q-0.946 1.107-1.839 1.107-0.821 0-1.054-0.661-0.143-0.429-0.143-1.339v-7.036h1.625v6.554q0 0.589 0.018 0.625 0.054 0.393 0.375 0.393 0.482 0 1.018-0.768v-6.804h1.625z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dropbox" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M7.179 12.625l8.821 5.446-6.107 5.089-8.75-5.696zM24.786 22.536v1.929l-8.75 5.232v0.018l-0.018-0.018-0.018 0.018v-0.018l-8.732-5.232v-1.929l2.625 1.714 6.107-5.071v-0.036l0.018 0.018 0.018-0.018v0.036l6.125 5.071zM9.893 2.107l6.107 5.089-8.821 5.429-6.036-4.821zM24.821 12.625l6.036 4.839-8.732 5.696-6.125-5.089zM22.125 2.107l8.732 5.696-6.036 4.821-8.821-5.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-instagram" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 16q0-1.893-1.339-3.232t-3.232-1.339-3.232 1.339-1.339 3.232 1.339 3.232 3.232 1.339 3.232-1.339 1.339-3.232zM20.75 16q0 2.929-2.054 4.982t-4.982 2.054-4.982-2.054-2.054-4.982 2.054-4.982 4.982-2.054 4.982 2.054 2.054 4.982zM22.679 8.679q0 0.679-0.482 1.161t-1.161 0.482-1.161-0.482-0.482-1.161 0.482-1.161 1.161-0.482 1.161 0.482 0.482 1.161zM13.714 4.75q-0.125 0-1.366-0.009t-1.884 0-1.723 0.054-1.839 0.179-1.277 0.33q-0.893 0.357-1.571 1.036t-1.036 1.571q-0.196 0.518-0.33 1.277t-0.179 1.839-0.054 1.723 0 1.884 0.009 1.366-0.009 1.366 0 1.884 0.054 1.723 0.179 1.839 0.33 1.277q0.357 0.893 1.036 1.571t1.571 1.036q0.518 0.196 1.277 0.33t1.839 0.179 1.723 0.054 1.884 0 1.366-0.009 1.366 0.009 1.884 0 1.723-0.054 1.839-0.179 1.277-0.33q0.893-0.357 1.571-1.036t1.036-1.571q0.196-0.518 0.33-1.277t0.179-1.839 0.054-1.723 0-1.884-0.009-1.366 0.009-1.366 0-1.884-0.054-1.723-0.179-1.839-0.33-1.277q-0.357-0.893-1.036-1.571t-1.571-1.036q-0.518-0.196-1.277-0.33t-1.839-0.179-1.723-0.054-1.884 0-1.366 0.009zM27.429 16q0 4.089-0.089 5.661-0.179 3.714-2.214 5.75t-5.75 2.214q-1.571 0.089-5.661 0.089t-5.661-0.089q-3.714-0.179-5.75-2.214t-2.214-5.75q-0.089-1.571-0.089-5.661t0.089-5.661q0.179-3.714 2.214-5.75t5.75-2.214q1.571-0.089 5.661-0.089t5.661 0.089q3.714 0.179 5.75 2.214t2.214 5.75q0.089 1.571 0.089 5.661z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-flickr" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M22.286 2.286q2.125 0 3.634 1.509t1.509 3.634v17.143q0 2.125-1.509 3.634t-3.634 1.509h-17.143q-2.125 0-3.634-1.509t-1.509-3.634v-17.143q0-2.125 1.509-3.634t3.634-1.509h17.143zM12.464 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679zM22.536 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-tumblr" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16.857 23.732l1.429 4.232q-0.411 0.625-1.982 1.179t-3.161 0.571q-1.857 0.036-3.402-0.464t-2.545-1.321-1.696-1.893-0.991-2.143-0.295-2.107v-9.714h-3v-3.839q1.286-0.464 2.304-1.241t1.625-1.607 1.036-1.821 0.607-1.768 0.268-1.58q0.018-0.089 0.080-0.152t0.134-0.063h4.357v7.571h5.946v4.5h-5.964v9.25q0 0.536 0.116 1t0.402 0.938 0.884 0.741 1.455 0.25q1.393-0.036 2.393-0.518z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dockerhub" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path class="path1" d="M1.597 10.257h2.911v2.83H1.597v-2.83zm3.573 0h2.91v2.83H5.17v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.91v2.829H5.17V6.63zm3.57 3.627h2.912v2.83H8.74v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.912v2.829H8.74V6.63zm3.573 3.627h2.911v2.83h-2.911v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.911v2.829h-2.911V6.63zm3.572 3.627h2.911v2.83h-2.911v-2.83zM12.313 3h2.911v2.83h-2.911V3zm-6.65 14.173c-.449 0-.812.354-.812.788 0 .435.364.788.812.788.447 0 .811-.353.811-.788 0-.434-.363-.788-.811-.788"></path> <path class="path2" d="M28.172 11.721c-.978-.549-2.278-.624-3.388-.306-.136-1.146-.91-2.149-1.83-2.869l-.366-.286-.307.345c-.618.692-.8 1.845-.718 1.312.685 1.834-.313.183-.668.328-.985.434-.646.212-1.347.33-2.028.33H.083l-.042.429c-.137 1.432.065 2.866.674 4.173l.262.519.03.048c1.8 2.973 4.963 4.225 8.41 4.225 6.672 0 12.174-2.896 14.702-9.015 1.689.085 3.417-.4 4.243-1.968l.211-.4-.401-.223zM5.664 19.458c-.85 0-1.542-.671-1.542-1.497 0-.825.691-1.498 1.541-1.498.849 0 1.54.672 1.54 1.497s-.69 1.498-1.539 1.498z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dribbble" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 26.786q-0.75-4.304-2.5-8.893h-0.036l-0.036 0.018q-0.286 0.107-0.768 0.295t-1.804 0.875-2.446 1.464-2.339 2.045-1.839 2.643l-0.268-0.196q3.286 2.679 7.464 2.679 2.357 0 4.571-0.929zM14.982 15.946q-0.375-0.875-0.946-1.982-5.554 1.661-12.018 1.661-0.018 0.125-0.018 0.375 0 2.214 0.786 4.223t2.214 3.598q0.893-1.589 2.205-2.973t2.545-2.223 2.33-1.446 1.777-0.857l0.661-0.232q0.071-0.018 0.232-0.063t0.232-0.080zM13.071 12.161q-2.143-3.804-4.357-6.75-2.464 1.161-4.179 3.321t-2.286 4.857q5.393 0 10.821-1.429zM25.286 17.857q-3.75-1.071-7.304-0.518 1.554 4.268 2.286 8.375 1.982-1.339 3.304-3.384t1.714-4.473zM10.911 4.625q-0.018 0-0.036 0.018 0.018-0.018 0.036-0.018zM21.446 7.214q-3.304-2.929-7.732-2.929-1.357 0-2.768 0.339 2.339 3.036 4.393 6.821 1.232-0.464 2.321-1.080t1.723-1.098 1.17-1.018 0.67-0.723zM25.429 15.875q-0.054-4.143-2.661-7.321l-0.018 0.018q-0.161 0.214-0.339 0.438t-0.777 0.795-1.268 1.080-1.786 1.161-2.348 1.152q0.446 0.946 0.786 1.696 0.036 0.107 0.116 0.313t0.134 0.295q0.643-0.089 1.33-0.125t1.313-0.036 1.232 0.027 1.143 0.071 1.009 0.098 0.857 0.116 0.652 0.107 0.446 0.080zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-skype" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.946 18.982q0-0.893-0.348-1.634t-0.866-1.223-1.304-0.875-1.473-0.607-1.563-0.411l-1.857-0.429q-0.536-0.125-0.786-0.188t-0.625-0.205-0.536-0.286-0.295-0.375-0.134-0.536q0-1.375 2.571-1.375 0.768 0 1.375 0.214t0.964 0.509 0.679 0.598 0.714 0.518 0.857 0.214q0.839 0 1.348-0.571t0.509-1.375q0-0.982-1-1.777t-2.536-1.205-3.25-0.411q-1.214 0-2.357 0.277t-2.134 0.839-1.589 1.554-0.598 2.295q0 1.089 0.339 1.902t1 1.348 1.429 0.866 1.839 0.58l2.607 0.643q1.607 0.393 2 0.643 0.571 0.357 0.571 1.071 0 0.696-0.714 1.152t-1.875 0.455q-0.911 0-1.634-0.286t-1.161-0.688-0.813-0.804-0.821-0.688-0.964-0.286q-0.893 0-1.348 0.536t-0.455 1.339q0 1.643 2.179 2.813t5.196 1.17q1.304 0 2.5-0.33t2.188-0.955 1.58-1.67 0.589-2.348zM27.429 22.857q0 2.839-2.009 4.848t-4.848 2.009q-2.321 0-4.179-1.429-1.375 0.286-2.679 0.286-2.554 0-4.884-0.991t-4.018-2.679-2.679-4.018-0.991-4.884q0-1.304 0.286-2.679-1.429-1.857-1.429-4.179 0-2.839 2.009-4.848t4.848-2.009q2.321 0 4.179 1.429 1.375-0.286 2.679-0.286 2.554 0 4.884 0.991t4.018 2.679 2.679 4.018 0.991 4.884q0 1.304-0.286 2.679 1.429 1.857 1.429 4.179z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-foursquare" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.857 7.75l0.661-3.464q0.089-0.411-0.161-0.714t-0.625-0.304h-12.714q-0.411 0-0.688 0.304t-0.277 0.661v19.661q0 0.125 0.107 0.018l5.196-6.286q0.411-0.464 0.679-0.598t0.857-0.134h4.268q0.393 0 0.661-0.259t0.321-0.527q0.429-2.321 0.661-3.411 0.071-0.375-0.205-0.714t-0.652-0.339h-5.25q-0.518 0-0.857-0.339t-0.339-0.857v-0.75q0-0.518 0.339-0.848t0.857-0.33h6.179q0.321 0 0.625-0.241t0.357-0.527zM21.911 3.786q-0.268 1.304-0.955 4.759t-1.241 6.25-0.625 3.098q-0.107 0.393-0.161 0.58t-0.25 0.58-0.438 0.589-0.688 0.375-1.036 0.179h-4.839q-0.232 0-0.393 0.179-0.143 0.161-7.607 8.821-0.393 0.446-1.045 0.509t-0.866-0.098q-0.982-0.393-0.982-1.75v-25.179q0-0.982 0.679-1.83t2.143-0.848h15.857q1.696 0 2.268 0.946t0.179 2.839zM21.911 3.786l-2.821 14.107q0.071-0.304 0.625-3.098t1.241-6.25 0.955-4.759z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-wordpress" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M2.268 16q0-2.911 1.196-5.589l6.554 17.946q-3.5-1.696-5.625-5.018t-2.125-7.339zM25.268 15.304q0 0.339-0.045 0.688t-0.179 0.884-0.205 0.786-0.313 1.054-0.313 1.036l-1.357 4.571-4.964-14.75q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-1.339-0.018-3.607-0.179-0.214-0.018-0.366 0.089t-0.205 0.268-0.027 0.33 0.161 0.295 0.348 0.143l1.429 0.143 2.143 5.857-3 9-5-14.857q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-0.125 0-0.411-0.009t-0.464-0.009q1.875-2.857 4.902-4.527t6.563-1.67q2.625 0 5.009 0.946t4.259 2.661h-0.179q-0.982 0-1.643 0.723t-0.661 1.705q0 0.214 0.036 0.429t0.071 0.384 0.143 0.411 0.161 0.375 0.214 0.402 0.223 0.375 0.259 0.429 0.25 0.411q1.125 1.911 1.125 3.786zM16.232 17.196l4.232 11.554q0.018 0.107 0.089 0.196-2.25 0.786-4.554 0.786-2 0-3.875-0.571zM28.036 9.411q1.696 3.107 1.696 6.589 0 3.732-1.857 6.884t-4.982 4.973l4.196-12.107q1.054-3.018 1.054-4.929 0-0.75-0.107-1.411zM16 0q3.25 0 6.214 1.268t5.107 3.411 3.411 5.107 1.268 6.214-1.268 6.214-3.411 5.107-5.107 3.411-6.214 1.268-6.214-1.268-5.107-3.411-3.411-5.107-1.268-6.214 1.268-6.214 3.411-5.107 5.107-3.411 6.214-1.268zM16 31.268q3.089 0 5.92-1.214t4.875-3.259 3.259-4.875 1.214-5.92-1.214-5.92-3.259-4.875-4.875-3.259-5.92-1.214-5.92 1.214-4.875 3.259-3.259 4.875-1.214 5.92 1.214 5.92 3.259 4.875 4.875 3.259 5.92 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-stumbleupon" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.964 12.714v-2.107q0-0.75-0.536-1.286t-1.286-0.536-1.286 0.536-0.536 1.286v10.929q0 3.125-2.25 5.339t-5.411 2.214q-3.179 0-5.42-2.241t-2.241-5.42v-4.75h5.857v4.679q0 0.768 0.536 1.295t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.295v-11.071q0-3.054 2.259-5.214t5.384-2.161q3.143 0 5.393 2.179t2.25 5.25v2.429l-3.482 1.036zM28.429 16.679h5.857v4.75q0 3.179-2.241 5.42t-5.42 2.241q-3.161 0-5.411-2.223t-2.25-5.366v-4.786l2.339 1.089 3.482-1.036v4.821q0 0.75 0.536 1.277t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.277v-4.911z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-digg" viewBox="0 0 37 32"> <path class="path1" d="M5.857 5.036h3.643v17.554h-9.5v-12.446h5.857v-5.107zM5.857 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM10.964 10.143v12.446h3.661v-12.446h-3.661zM10.964 5.036v3.643h3.661v-3.643h-3.661zM16.089 10.143h9.518v16.821h-9.518v-2.911h5.857v-1.464h-5.857v-12.446zM21.946 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM27.071 10.143h9.5v16.821h-9.5v-2.911h5.839v-1.464h-5.839v-12.446zM32.911 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-spotify" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.125 21.607q0-0.571-0.536-0.911-3.446-2.054-7.982-2.054-2.375 0-5.125 0.607-0.75 0.161-0.75 0.929 0 0.357 0.241 0.616t0.634 0.259q0.089 0 0.661-0.143 2.357-0.482 4.339-0.482 4.036 0 7.089 1.839 0.339 0.196 0.589 0.196 0.339 0 0.589-0.241t0.25-0.616zM21.839 17.768q0-0.714-0.625-1.089-4.232-2.518-9.786-2.518-2.732 0-5.411 0.75-0.857 0.232-0.857 1.143 0 0.446 0.313 0.759t0.759 0.313q0.125 0 0.661-0.143 2.179-0.589 4.482-0.589 4.982 0 8.714 2.214 0.429 0.232 0.679 0.232 0.446 0 0.759-0.313t0.313-0.759zM23.768 13.339q0-0.839-0.714-1.25-2.25-1.304-5.232-1.973t-6.125-0.67q-3.643 0-6.5 0.839-0.411 0.125-0.688 0.455t-0.277 0.866q0 0.554 0.366 0.929t0.92 0.375q0.196 0 0.714-0.143 2.375-0.661 5.482-0.661 2.839 0 5.527 0.607t4.527 1.696q0.375 0.214 0.714 0.214 0.518 0 0.902-0.366t0.384-0.92zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-soundcloud" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M14 24.5l0.286-4.304-0.286-9.339q-0.018-0.179-0.134-0.304t-0.295-0.125q-0.161 0-0.286 0.125t-0.125 0.304l-0.25 9.339 0.25 4.304q0.018 0.179 0.134 0.295t0.277 0.116q0.393 0 0.429-0.411zM19.286 23.982l0.196-3.768-0.214-10.464q0-0.286-0.232-0.429-0.143-0.089-0.286-0.089t-0.286 0.089q-0.232 0.143-0.232 0.429l-0.018 0.107-0.179 10.339q0 0.018 0.196 4.214v0.018q0 0.179 0.107 0.304 0.161 0.196 0.411 0.196 0.196 0 0.357-0.161 0.161-0.125 0.161-0.357zM0.625 17.911l0.357 2.286-0.357 2.25q-0.036 0.161-0.161 0.161t-0.161-0.161l-0.304-2.25 0.304-2.286q0.036-0.161 0.161-0.161t0.161 0.161zM2.161 16.5l0.464 3.696-0.464 3.625q-0.036 0.161-0.179 0.161-0.161 0-0.161-0.179l-0.411-3.607 0.411-3.696q0-0.161 0.161-0.161 0.143 0 0.179 0.161zM3.804 15.821l0.446 4.375-0.446 4.232q0 0.196-0.196 0.196-0.179 0-0.214-0.196l-0.375-4.232 0.375-4.375q0.036-0.214 0.214-0.214 0.196 0 0.196 0.214zM5.482 15.696l0.411 4.5-0.411 4.357q-0.036 0.232-0.25 0.232-0.232 0-0.232-0.232l-0.375-4.357 0.375-4.5q0-0.232 0.232-0.232 0.214 0 0.25 0.232zM7.161 16.018l0.375 4.179-0.375 4.393q-0.036 0.286-0.286 0.286-0.107 0-0.188-0.080t-0.080-0.205l-0.357-4.393 0.357-4.179q0-0.107 0.080-0.188t0.188-0.080q0.25 0 0.286 0.268zM8.839 13.411l0.375 6.786-0.375 4.393q0 0.125-0.089 0.223t-0.214 0.098q-0.286 0-0.321-0.321l-0.321-4.393 0.321-6.786q0.036-0.321 0.321-0.321 0.125 0 0.214 0.098t0.089 0.223zM10.518 11.875l0.339 8.357-0.339 4.357q0 0.143-0.098 0.241t-0.241 0.098q-0.321 0-0.357-0.339l-0.286-4.357 0.286-8.357q0.036-0.339 0.357-0.339 0.143 0 0.241 0.098t0.098 0.241zM12.268 11.161l0.321 9.036-0.321 4.321q-0.036 0.375-0.393 0.375-0.339 0-0.375-0.375l-0.286-4.321 0.286-9.036q0-0.161 0.116-0.277t0.259-0.116q0.161 0 0.268 0.116t0.125 0.277zM19.268 24.411v0 0zM15.732 11.089l0.268 9.107-0.268 4.268q0 0.179-0.134 0.313t-0.313 0.134-0.304-0.125-0.143-0.321l-0.25-4.268 0.25-9.107q0-0.196 0.134-0.321t0.313-0.125 0.313 0.125 0.134 0.321zM17.5 11.429l0.25 8.786-0.25 4.214q0 0.196-0.143 0.339t-0.339 0.143-0.339-0.143-0.161-0.339l-0.214-4.214 0.214-8.786q0.018-0.214 0.161-0.357t0.339-0.143 0.33 0.143 0.152 0.357zM21.286 20.214l-0.25 4.125q0 0.232-0.161 0.393t-0.393 0.161-0.393-0.161-0.179-0.393l-0.107-2.036-0.107-2.089 0.214-11.357v-0.054q0.036-0.268 0.214-0.429 0.161-0.125 0.357-0.125 0.143 0 0.268 0.089 0.25 0.143 0.286 0.464zM41.143 19.875q0 2.089-1.482 3.563t-3.571 1.473h-14.036q-0.232-0.036-0.393-0.196t-0.161-0.393v-16.054q0-0.411 0.5-0.589 1.518-0.607 3.232-0.607 3.482 0 6.036 2.348t2.857 5.777q0.946-0.393 1.964-0.393 2.089 0 3.571 1.482t1.482 3.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-codepen" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M3.857 20.875l10.768 7.179v-6.411l-5.964-3.982zM2.75 18.304l3.446-2.304-3.446-2.304v4.607zM17.375 28.054l10.768-7.179-4.804-3.214-5.964 3.982v6.411zM16 19.25l4.857-3.25-4.857-3.25-4.857 3.25zM8.661 14.339l5.964-3.982v-6.411l-10.768 7.179zM25.804 16l3.446 2.304v-4.607zM23.339 14.339l4.804-3.214-10.768-7.179v6.411zM32 11.125v9.75q0 0.732-0.607 1.143l-14.625 9.75q-0.375 0.232-0.768 0.232t-0.768-0.232l-14.625-9.75q-0.607-0.411-0.607-1.143v-9.75q0-0.732 0.607-1.143l14.625-9.75q0.375-0.232 0.768-0.232t0.768 0.232l14.625 9.75q0.607 0.411 0.607 1.143z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitch" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 21.321l4.518-4.536v-14.196h-21.321v18.732h5.821v3.875l3.875-3.875h7.107zM30.214 0v18.089l-7.75 7.75h-5.821l-3.875 3.875h-3.875v-3.875h-7.107v-20.679l1.946-5.161h26.482z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-meanpath" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.411 15.036v2.036q0 0.429-0.241 0.679t-0.67 0.25h-3.607q-0.429 0-0.679-0.25t-0.25-0.679v-2.036q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h3.607q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679zM14.661 19.143v-4.464q0-0.946-0.58-1.527t-1.527-0.58h-2.375q-1.214 0-1.714 0.929-0.5-0.929-1.714-0.929h-2.321q-0.946 0-1.527 0.58t-0.58 1.527v4.464q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.982q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.241-0.679t0.688-0.25h1.679q0.429 0 0.679 0.25t0.25 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.964q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h1.732q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.393 0.393h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.393zM25.179 17.429v-2.75q0-0.946-0.589-1.527t-1.536-0.58h-4.714q-0.946 0-1.536 0.58t-0.589 1.527v7.321q0 0.375 0.393 0.375h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.375v-3.214q0.554 0.75 1.679 0.75h3.411q0.946 0 1.536-0.58t0.589-1.527zM27.429 6.429v19.143q0 1.714-1.214 2.929t-2.929 1.214h-19.143q-1.714 0-2.929-1.214t-1.214-2.929v-19.143q0-1.714 1.214-2.929t2.929-1.214h19.143q1.714 0 2.929 1.214t1.214 2.929z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pinterest-p" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0 10.661q0-1.929 0.67-3.634t1.848-2.973 2.714-2.196 3.304-1.393 3.607-0.464q2.821 0 5.25 1.188t3.946 3.455 1.518 5.125q0 1.714-0.339 3.357t-1.071 3.161-1.786 2.67-2.589 1.839-3.375 0.688q-1.214 0-2.411-0.571t-1.714-1.571q-0.179 0.696-0.5 2.009t-0.42 1.696-0.366 1.268-0.464 1.268-0.571 1.116-0.821 1.384-1.107 1.545l-0.25 0.089-0.161-0.179q-0.268-2.804-0.268-3.357 0-1.643 0.384-3.688t1.188-5.134 0.929-3.625q-0.571-1.161-0.571-3.018 0-1.482 0.929-2.786t2.357-1.304q1.089 0 1.696 0.723t0.607 1.83q0 1.179-0.786 3.411t-0.786 3.339q0 1.125 0.804 1.866t1.946 0.741q0.982 0 1.821-0.446t1.402-1.214 1-1.696 0.679-1.973 0.357-1.982 0.116-1.777q0-3.089-1.955-4.813t-5.098-1.723q-3.571 0-5.964 2.313t-2.393 5.866q0 0.786 0.223 1.518t0.482 1.161 0.482 0.813 0.223 0.545q0 0.5-0.268 1.304t-0.661 0.804q-0.036 0-0.304-0.054-0.911-0.268-1.616-1t-1.089-1.688-0.58-1.929-0.196-1.902z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-periscope" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path class="path1" d="M12.285,1C6.696,1,2.277,5.643,2.277,11.243c0,5.851,7.77,14.578,10.007,14.578c1.959,0,9.729-8.728,9.729-14.578 C22.015,5.643,17.596,1,12.285,1z M12.317,16.551c-3.473,0-6.152-2.611-6.152-5.664c0-1.292,0.39-2.472,1.065-3.438 c0.206,1.084,1.18,1.906,2.352,1.906c1.322,0,2.393-1.043,2.393-2.333c0-0.832-0.447-1.561-1.119-1.975 c0.467-0.105,0.955-0.161,1.46-0.161c3.133,0,5.81,2.611,5.81,5.998C18.126,13.94,15.449,16.551,12.317,16.551z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-get-pocket" viewBox="0 0 31 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.946 2.286q1.161 0 1.964 0.813t0.804 1.973v9.268q0 3.143-1.214 6t-3.259 4.911-4.893 3.259-5.973 1.205q-3.143 0-5.991-1.205t-4.902-3.259-3.268-4.911-1.214-6v-9.268q0-1.143 0.821-1.964t1.964-0.821h25.161zM15.375 21.286q0.839 0 1.464-0.589l7.214-6.929q0.661-0.625 0.661-1.518 0-0.875-0.616-1.491t-1.491-0.616q-0.839 0-1.464 0.589l-5.768 5.536-5.768-5.536q-0.625-0.589-1.446-0.589-0.875 0-1.491 0.616t-0.616 1.491q0 0.911 0.643 1.518l7.232 6.929q0.589 0.589 1.446 0.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vimeo" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M30.518 9.25q-0.179 4.214-5.929 11.625-5.946 7.696-10.036 7.696-2.536 0-4.286-4.696-0.786-2.857-2.357-8.607-1.286-4.679-2.804-4.679-0.321 0-2.268 1.357l-1.375-1.75q0.429-0.375 1.929-1.723t2.321-2.063q2.786-2.464 4.304-2.607 1.696-0.161 2.732 0.991t1.446 3.634q0.786 5.125 1.179 6.661 0.982 4.446 2.143 4.446 0.911 0 2.75-2.875 1.804-2.875 1.946-4.393 0.232-2.482-1.946-2.482-1.018 0-2.161 0.464 2.143-7.018 8.196-6.821 4.482 0.143 4.214 5.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-reddit-alien" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 15.107q0 1.036-0.527 1.884t-1.42 1.295q0.214 0.821 0.214 1.714 0 2.768-1.902 5.125t-5.188 3.723-7.143 1.366-7.134-1.366-5.179-3.723-1.902-5.125q0-0.839 0.196-1.679-0.911-0.446-1.464-1.313t-0.554-1.902q0-1.464 1.036-2.509t2.518-1.045q1.518 0 2.589 1.125 3.893-2.714 9.196-2.893l2.071-9.304q0.054-0.232 0.268-0.375t0.464-0.089l6.589 1.446q0.321-0.661 0.964-1.063t1.411-0.402q1.107 0 1.893 0.777t0.786 1.884-0.786 1.893-1.893 0.786-1.884-0.777-0.777-1.884l-5.964-1.321-1.857 8.429q5.357 0.161 9.268 2.857 1.036-1.089 2.554-1.089 1.482 0 2.518 1.045t1.036 2.509zM7.464 18.661q0 1.107 0.777 1.893t1.884 0.786 1.893-0.786 0.786-1.893-0.786-1.884-1.893-0.777q-1.089 0-1.875 0.786t-0.786 1.875zM21.929 25q0.196-0.196 0.196-0.464t-0.196-0.464q-0.179-0.179-0.446-0.179t-0.464 0.179q-0.732 0.75-2.161 1.107t-2.857 0.357-2.857-0.357-2.161-1.107q-0.196-0.179-0.464-0.179t-0.446 0.179q-0.196 0.179-0.196 0.455t0.196 0.473q0.768 0.768 2.116 1.214t2.188 0.527 1.625 0.080 1.625-0.080 2.188-0.527 2.116-1.214zM21.875 21.339q1.107 0 1.884-0.786t0.777-1.893q0-1.089-0.786-1.875t-1.875-0.786q-1.107 0-1.893 0.777t-0.786 1.884 0.786 1.893 1.893 0.786z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-whatsapp" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path d="M15.968 2.003a14.03 13.978 0 0 0-14.03 13.978 14.03 13.978 0 0 0 2.132 7.391L1.938 29.96l6.745-2.052a14.03 13.978 0 0 0 7.285 2.052 14.03 13.978 0 0 0 14.03-13.978 14.03 13.978 0 0 0-14.03-13.978z" stroke-width=".2000562"/> <path d="M10.454 8.236a2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0-1.475 3.184v.015c.01 2.04 4.045 10.076 10.017 12.688l.017-.013a2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0 3.454-.706 2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0 1.064-4.129 2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0-4.262.103 2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0-.505.473c-1.346-.639-2.952-1.463-4.168-2.98-.771-.962-1.257-2.732-1.549-4.206a2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0 .605-.403 2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0 1.064-4.129 2.57 3.401 51.533 0 0-4.262.103z" stroke-width=".372"/> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-telegram" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path d="M30.8,2.2L0.6,13.9c-0.8,0.3-0.7,1.3,0,1.6l7.4,2.8l2.9,9.2c0.2,0.6,0.9,0.8,1.4,0.4l4.1-3.4 c0.4-0.4,1-0.4,1.5,0l7.4,5.4c0.5,0.4,1.2,0.1,1.4-0.5L32,3.2C32.1,2.5,31.4,1.9,30.8,2.2z M25,8.3l-11.9,11 c-0.4,0.4-0.7,0.9-0.8,1.5l-0.4,3c-0.1,0.4-0.6,0.4-0.7,0.1l-1.6-5.5c-0.2-0.6,0.1-1.3,0.6-1.6l14.4-8.9C25,7.7,25.3,8.1,25,8.3z"/> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-hashtag" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.696 18.286l1.143-4.571h-4.536l-1.143 4.571h4.536zM31.411 9.286l-1 4q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.143 4.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.179 0.25 0.107 0.5l-1 4q-0.089 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4q-0.286 0-0.464-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-4.536l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4.018q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.125-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.143-4.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.179-0.25-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.089-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h4.536l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-chain" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M26 21.714q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.714-3.714q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.75 0-1.286 0.571 0.054 0.054 0.339 0.33t0.384 0.384 0.268 0.339 0.232 0.455 0.063 0.491q0 0.714-0.5 1.214t-1.214 0.5q-0.268 0-0.491-0.063t-0.455-0.232-0.339-0.268-0.384-0.384-0.33-0.339q-0.589 0.554-0.589 1.304 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.679 3.696q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.714 0 1.214-0.464l2.625-2.607q0.5-0.5 0.5-1.196zM13.446 9.125q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.679-3.696q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.696 0-1.214 0.482l-2.625 2.607q-0.5 0.5-0.5 1.196 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.714 3.714q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.75 0 1.286-0.554-0.054-0.054-0.339-0.33t-0.384-0.384-0.268-0.339-0.232-0.455-0.063-0.491q0-0.714 0.5-1.214t1.214-0.5q0.268 0 0.491 0.063t0.455 0.232 0.339 0.268 0.384 0.384 0.33 0.339q0.589-0.554 0.589-1.304zM29.429 21.714q0 2.143-1.518 3.625l-2.625 2.607q-1.482 1.482-3.625 1.482-2.161 0-3.643-1.518l-3.679-3.696q-1.482-1.482-1.482-3.625 0-2.196 1.571-3.732l-1.571-1.571q-1.536 1.571-3.714 1.571-2.143 0-3.643-1.5l-3.714-3.714q-1.5-1.5-1.5-3.643t1.518-3.625l2.625-2.607q1.482-1.482 3.625-1.482 2.161 0 3.643 1.518l3.679 3.696q1.482 1.482 1.482 3.625 0 2.196-1.571 3.732l1.571 1.571q1.536-1.571 3.714-1.571 2.143 0 3.643 1.5l3.714 3.714q1.5 1.5 1.5 3.643z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-thumb-tack" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M8.571 15.429v-8q0-0.25-0.161-0.411t-0.411-0.161-0.411 0.161-0.161 0.411v8q0 0.25 0.161 0.411t0.411 0.161 0.411-0.161 0.161-0.411zM20.571 21.714q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-7.661l-0.911 8.625q-0.036 0.214-0.188 0.366t-0.366 0.152h-0.018q-0.482 0-0.571-0.482l-1.357-8.661h-7.214q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804q0-2.196 1.402-3.955t3.17-1.759v-9.143q-0.929 0-1.607-0.679t-0.679-1.607 0.679-1.607 1.607-0.679h11.429q0.929 0 1.607 0.679t0.679 1.607-0.679 1.607-1.607 0.679v9.143q1.768 0 3.17 1.759t1.402 3.955z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-left" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M42.311 14.044c-0.178-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711-0.356h-33.778l10.311-10.489c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711 0-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-1.6-1.422c-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.889-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-14.578 14.933c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l14.756 14.933c0 0.178 0.356 0.356 0.533 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l1.6-1.6c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-10.311-10.489h33.778c0.178 0 0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356 0.356-0.178 0.533-0.356 0.533-0.711v-2.133c0-0.356-0.178-0.711-0.356-0.889z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-right" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0.356 17.956c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356h33.778l-10.311 10.489c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711 0 0.356 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l1.6 1.6c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l14.756-14.933c0.178-0.356 0.356-0.711 0.356-0.889s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-14.756-14.933c0-0.178-0.356-0.356-0.533-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-1.6 1.6c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l10.311 10.489h-33.778c-0.178 0-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356-0.356 0.178-0.533 0.356-0.533 0.711v2.311c0 0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-play" viewBox="0 0 22 28"> <path d="M21.625 14.484l-20.75 11.531c-0.484 0.266-0.875 0.031-0.875-0.516v-23c0-0.547 0.391-0.781 0.875-0.516l20.75 11.531c0.484 0.266 0.484 0.703 0 0.969z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pause" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path d="M24 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1zM10 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1z"></path> </symbol> </defs> </svg> </body> </html>